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Saturday, February 15, 2014

29 faces challenge 2014: day 14 a dual painting

i am also participating in 21 secrets at this time and our teacher this week was Julie Fei-Fen Balzer! if you are into art journals and stencils- i am sure you have heard of her.....and she did NOT disappoint!

Julie showed how she worked in her journal and how she painted which was fabulous! she actually starts with the basic primary colors plus white and black, and does her own mixing of paint as she goes because she travels a lot to teach and doesn't want to take more than she needs (lucky girl!).

Julie had some great words of wisdom for the group, but, one of the things i thought was good to hear, that i have heard from some of the best artists i have taken classes from, is that if you are serious about your work and painting, you really need to use good paint.

good paint is not the little bottles of craft paint that you get at the craft stores. 

good paint is always worth its' price! good paint has more pigment and will provide a richer color and more vibrancy to your work. and just a note when looking at acrylic paints- know that student grade will have more filler, and is also a lesser quality of paint.

after being inspired by Julie i created this in my 29 faces journal i am working in. i have been keeping each of these challenges separate, but, this painting is playing dual roles at least for a day anyway.....and was painted into my 29 faces challenge journal.

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  1. wow loving the background and your great new face. Annette x


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