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Sunday, February 2, 2014

29 faces challenge 2014: day 1

i did decide to give 29 faces challenge a try.....faces are something i feel like i struggle with- so this will be the perfect push outside of my comfort zone.

here is my face from yesterday-

i am using an art journal that i had used my gelli plate to print the backgrounds first. i also used stencils and spray ink. my image came from a fashion model i had pinned and knew i wanted to draw. 

she is interesting and i am hoping that as this month progresses, that my abilities will get better......


  1. Love your first face. Hugs Annette x

  2. very interesting gelli plate background, really striking piece!

  3. the beautiful colors in your face 1 go so well with the lovely colors in the gelli print. great job.

  4. Oh yes!
    Those are faces right after my taste!


  5. great face and just love that background.

  6. I love how you did that electric blue highlight throughout. Very exciting and fun! Love the colors!

  7. Beautiful background and it worked really well into the face. Love the strong colors.

  8. I like these kind of powerful colors, they make faces interesting, cool!


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