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Monday, February 3, 2014

documented life- a sewn moleskin cover

i had wanted a sewn cover for my moleskin journal and had started one a few weeks ago; however, i was uninspired at the time. i had cut the white cotton as the background but, had done little else with it.

yesterday, inspiration struck!! and while working in my art journals....fabric was calling my name rather loudly from the corner of my studio. as i sat at my sewing machine, the ideas flowed as the fabric was stitched- each layer of fabric lending itself to the other pieces already down; covering every inch of the white cotton just like painting on a white canvas.

 i used a vintage doily, hand dyed fabric, a sweater, t-shirt, fabric scraps, vintage buttons and a clothing label.


  1. I'm seriously loving your sewn Moleskin cover. Since my Moleskin planner for The Documented Life Project is already painted. I think I might need to make a fabric cover for one of the many, and I do mean many, composition notebooks waiting on a shelf in the studio. Thank you.


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