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Sunday, February 9, 2014

documented life- pinterest inspiration

playing along with the documented life? the challenge for week 6 was to find inspiration on "Pinterest." and where better to find some great inspiration right?!

have you seen Jacqui Fehl work? take a peek here! i love everything about her work- the colors and variety...

i knew when i saw Jacqui's "cake" that i wanted to do her "grunge cake." and had started on friday working through the first couple of layers of my cake. i had first put down spare letters, numbers and shapes from a scrapbooking pack and some stamped tissue paper; followed up with stencils and spray inks.

 once i got the third and fourth layers of my cake, i moved to painted scrap papers that i had in my stash.
i loved how it was coming together....
i wanted to get this piece finished today and started on this project first this morning....i went to use my black india ink- and my hand hit the bottle- spilling ink across my "grunge cake." i will admit- i did freak out just a bit.....
this was the back pages in my moleskin planner/ art journal and you can see the spill all the way down the edge of the planner.....i was so crabby.....i did post my oops on instagram, and bless everyones' hearts- i got so many nice messages reminding me that life is messy and so not perfect- and this is what it will be at this point; and it would be just fine.
 i did manage to dab most of the ink off of my cake- and it just adds some additional grunge to my layers. this bottom pic is my finished cake.
thank you for your wonderful inspiration Jaqui Fehl!!

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  1. Oops was a good thing, the base of your cake looks like it was always supposed to have that black feel to it. xox


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