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Thursday, February 6, 2014

29 faces challenge 2014: day 4 and 5

i felt so outside of my comfort zone for day 4. i was uninspired and found this face very difficult to do. i was frustrated and must have painted over this faces four times before i found some level of happiness. the first three days had come relatively easily.

i wanted to make sure that day 5 was not a struggle and while i was fixing supper i was contemplating faces and inspiration....and then, i remembered Lady Gaga and her "painted" face for her latest album Artpop. i loved the colors.

i loved her inspiration and was much happier with this face. it came much easier than day 4.


  1. Loving both of these colourful portraits. Annette x

  2. Beautiful faces, love the Lady Gaga one. I'm addicted to my gelli plate too so I must try some faces over the backgrounds too.

  3. Love your interpretation of lady Gaga! Those eyes are fantastic!


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