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Sunday, February 16, 2014

21 secrets- watercolor inspiration with gelli printed circle

playing along with 21 secrets and one lesson was to use watercolors. i have watercolors and brushes, but, do not always paint in watercolor. i like to get it all out though, because my palette and brushes were my gramma's and her name is on the front of my canvas brush holder- it makes me smile every time and wish she were still here.

you probably do not know, but, i come from a long line of gramma was an artist, my mom and dad are artists, and now- i am trying my best to be an artist. we had even done generation shows featuring my gramma, my mom and me. our last generation show my gramma even added our youngest son who draws. he was like 11 at the time and gramma had picked 3 of his drawings of people- he has a keen natural ability for shading. it was the best show ever......

back to the subject....- i played along prepping my journal page with some of my favorite watercolor colors and using a small strip of magazine paper with a pattern along the edge; but, the lesson was to "be free."

sometimes in being free i find that the results can be elusive. and then, i found this statement out of a book i am using and loved this quote.....

because the quote is relatively small- it was easily lost on my page so i found a gelli-printed deli paper with colors that lent themselves to complimenting the colors that were already down; and then, stitched around the deli paper to bring some focus to this area and then put my quote down. here is the whole page below.

and while i have the watercolors out....i couldn't resist to put a little color down on the other page. this is the back side of my hearts page i had done before for another 21 secrets inspiration. i love the orange! my mom brought that back from Germany for me. it is really opaque- and a lovely color.

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