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Thursday, June 6, 2013

class complete- finished items

with our class now complete, i took additional pictures of Cora's pieces while we were placing the items into the window for public display.... this first pic is her encaustic piece. it is a wooden cradle with acrylic paint layered with wax and ribbon. i am not sure that Cora will ever work in wax again....there is a trick to working with wax and it is not always very easy to control. our focus on this project was to discuss the safety issues and concerns when working with encaustic and experience- which she did receive, but, the lack of control was not her favorite.
 her "found" box turned out really nicely. it began life as a gloves wooden box and with a little paint and paper and some stamping- it was magically transformed. Cora made ATCs on yupo to place inside.
 this is Cora's smaller canvas painting- we did talk about color choices and she did some painting with her fingers.
 this was the finished larger acrylic painting- she did a great job with color choices.
i am so glad to have met Cora and to have the opportunity to work with her! i cannot wait to see what she accomplishes.....dream big Cora and follow your whispers!

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