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Saturday, June 29, 2013

week of class review

i spent this past week at art class with Myrna Wacknov- such a talented lady....we spent the week working from a photograph of one lady- all of us; and looking at everyone's drawings and paintings, i am not sure anyone would know!
 the first day we work with a grid so we could distort and understand how to use the grid to do this. my first drawing above- she seemed so angry. i tried to soften the left eye on the second drawing- and she seemed slightly happier....
 the second day i worked with shape and color- we had to roll a dice to decide our elements for our paintings which made life interesting, but, if you are not outside of your comfort zone at class what is the purpose?.....i do like my lady below- she is probably the best embodiment of the lesson for my work this week.
 i loved the hair on this one- but, i think i got lost in it.....i needed to go and work on the face and kept avoiding it- so, it is what it is.....
 and this was one of my last paintings for the week- and i need to go back into the face to put the light/ shadows in....i did add tissue paper to begin reclaiming some of the whites- but, have not gone back in with paint yet- we shall see.... i loved her hair as well....
i worked hard this week, and by friday when we talked about color- i thought i had the info, and then, it was much info to get in a week- but, so good. loved the week and had a great time stretching and working outside of my comfort zone! but, so glad to be home!!

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