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Sunday, June 16, 2013

re-purposed father's day

i had been saving dried out tea bags for another purpose....and today- they got a calling. i emptied the tea out and cut out my heart shape. i then, stamped onto the bag and stuffed it with a cottonball; finally stitching around the heart.
 then, i had been wanting to re-purpose a cereal, i cut out my rectangle shape and painted on the inside and stamped on the outside of my bag- leaving space for my teabag heart.i stitched the bag and heart into one and put a book page behind. i liked being able to see the words through the bag. i wanted my piece to eventually be able to be placed into a frame so i built the background to fit a 5"x7". i used brown paper, painted scraps, stencil, a bingo card, and acrylic paint for the background paper. finally, had the kids and i sign it for the perfect postcard.
i was so proud of myself re-purposing things that when i explained it to my spouse...he said only you would re-purpose and use garbage to make a card sweetie.... :)

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  1. GREAT!!! I just love this stamped tea bag!!! ♥


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