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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

rolodex file card art

 on sunday besides making a father's day card i made a couple more rolodex file card collages and a birthday card. i used scraps off of my working counter to make these.
  • overpainted scrap
  • music paper
  • book paper
  • strip from a playing card
  • tape
 this file card i did use acrylic paint on the background- gesso and a light blue.
  • overpainted scrap
  • book paper
  • sewing
  • cereal bag (right hand side; clear bag)
  • stamping
  • washi tape
  • pen doodles

 our youngest son needed a birthday card- so this skilled, crafty mom whipped one up! i used a bingo card and selected one with the appropriate number of years (15). i used a circle stamp to circle that number and gesso to lightly cover the rest. i also used:
  • green acrylic
  • overpainted scrap
  • diamond stencil
  • sewing
  • letter stamps and circle squiggle stamp from mixed media essentials

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