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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

final done

yesterday was our last day....all of our projects complete; objectives met; canvas painted; collage framed; found box a flash it all came together. the past two weeks of exploring mixed media was made possible by Southwest Minnesota Arts & Humanities Council. Cora had applied for a grant through SMAHC and got helped to pay for supplies and my time as a teacher and artist. when she left yesterday- i asked what she thought, and she told me it was even better than what she  expected and that now, she was armed with so many new techniques. what more could a teacher ask for....thank you Cora for taking the time, listening so intently and your willingness to work.
 i had rearranged my studio a bit so that both of us could work. the pile of paint was between us so each could easily, there is an empty spot and only this pile of paint left. Cora was able to take her finished pieces with her to show her family before we place the items for public viewing downtown today.
as a final project, we had overpainted onto a tablet of paper i had purchased for her and she was wondering what in the world we were going to do with the overpainted paper....well, make cards of course! we had talked about the process, and Cora picked out the portions that spoke to her and made this ever lovely card! she has been the most wonderful student and clearly was able to take what i was telling her, and make it her own. i am happy we are finished as far as the grant requirements, but, sad that Cora will not be coming to paint on a regular basis. thank you Cora!!


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