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Monday, June 10, 2013

words from a book

i love finding words in old books to re-purpose and take those out of their contexts and use for my purpose....yesterday, my mom and i got to play in the studio for the afternoon.

i had purchased little canvas....2"x2" squares which were perfect! i did background painting and i had cool looking used paint peeled off my plastic table protector- what could be better?! both look so adorable on my shelf; inspired by special people in my life- my mom and my husband....

 this one was inspired by my mom who will be having surgery this week for a lump and starting treatment- truly....there was nothing she could not do....she is positive and strong....
and this one is for my husband for many well as, he is working in our basement to move my studio to a larger space because he understands how important creating is for me....yep- with all my heart.

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