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Saturday, June 8, 2013

summertime inspiration....

are your kids finally out of school? for the first few weeks of summer anyway they will be chasing around with friends and going to the pool (at least until that gets boring....), that may mean for you..... some extra creating time!!

there is an awesome class that will be starting soon....check out this out! Roben-Marie is super talented and very creative, and she will be hosting this class. art that will be created in the class will require postage....yes- i did say postage! you will transform things to send snail mail to your favorite people. and tell me who doesn't like getting something address to them that is not a bill?....

i remember the day that a small package arrived from Roben-Marie for me....i knew it was special the second that my eyes spied the top half of the mailer sticking out of my mailbox- painted in some of my favorite colors and stamped on. i knew that what was in that package was awesome, and i had received a piece of original work from Roben-Marie. what could be better?!

so send those kiddos out on their bikes with friends; give them a few bucks to stop at the local gas station for a Slurpee and get yourself signed up for this you've got class!!

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  1. I LOVE Roben-Marie's work! I'm a huge fan of hers. I just signed up for one of her classes and it is one of the best ones I have ever taken!


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