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Monday, May 13, 2013

throwing paint with my mom/ mother's day

to celebrate mother's day yesterday, my mom came over to paint and have supper. we each had a larger project that we were working on, but, on the side painted on smaller pieces- which is what i have included today.

i love my mom's collage.....but, she always says i have the best scraps in the world in my studio :) her collage is on a strip of watercolor paper with scraps and paint found in my studio. we put a frame around it to see- ooooh, la, la!! stunning in a frame.....
 mine here is acrylic paint on yupo. i had already painted what i thought was the background, and when i started to paint over the top- my first idea was not panning out, so, option two emerged, and i went with it to create the princess below.

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