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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

wired up armature

my student and i have played hard over the long weekend to make some armature.....we had talked about the project and what needed to be accomplished and she choose to make a sea turtle. she used 16 gauge for the outer frame and followed up with 20 gauge to support her paper shell. she used watercolor to tint her tissue paper. once all the paper was on her frame, she used glimmer mist to tint the top of the turtle and then, followed up with the shell. for her shell, she used acrylic paint on thin brown paper and then, torn it into small pieces to attach to her turtle. check out her finished sea turtle below....
 i couldn't just stand by and watch....i needed to keep my fingers busy while we talked, i am working on a "doll" of sorts- or maybe a better word....a princess. my armature is her skirt and body. and then covered with watercolored tissue paper as well. i have not made up my mind on her arms for now, this princess has very underdeveloped arms.....
 i flattened an old tablespoon and had stamped this precious face onto tissue paper and then, attached to the spoon. i attached the spoon with wire to the body and then, finished the body up to the neck. her crown in on overpainted paper that i stamped with a crown stamp, and then, cut around. if you think the top portion of the crown seems shinier- it is....i used iridescent embossing powder on the top of the crown- cutting both a front and a back and then, finishing with jewels. her necklace is made from scraps of paper wrapped around wire and dipped in UTEE.
our next project that we have started is a found object box with ATCs on yupo paper....stay tuned.


  1. The turtle project is so wonderful! Your princess is very beautiful...I love how you incorporate all the different techniques!! :) Evie

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  3. oh Kristin the little turtle is adorable!


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