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Friday, May 24, 2013

student and teacher

meet the high school student- Cora.... a very talented young lady. who will be spending time with me for the next week and a half studying mixed media and collage. we set a fairly aggressive schedule of tasks we wanted to accomplish within our short time studying together; and i was a little worried after our first day. i forgot how long it takes for me to talk through something and demonstrate/ work at the same time- but, worried for nothing- as Cora picks up on things quickly- and has her own good art sense and personality.
 she has done a great job of making brave color choices- which i feel is paying off..... she has done some layering of paint and texture; and has a great start on this painting. i was glad to hear that she felt that this was not finished has such great potential! i cannot wait to see what she ends up with!
 we spend our time discussing paint, ink, glues, and texture... layering paint, and how to move it or take it off. she has been an intent listener and taken notes that i hope will help her along her art journey later.

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