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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

let class begin

my "class" began yesterday...we started in a must-have art journal and she had never done any sort of book binding- so we also made small notebooks. it is so amazing to me how quickly an hour and a half can go.....especially when you are having fun.

 this statement above really summed up our day yesterday.....
 we cut our paper to size- something easy to slip into a bag or a purse, folded the paper, and then, glued the paper folded edges together. our next step was to choose our "cover" paper. i was so glad to hear that she knew how to sew; however, she had never sewn on paper. so glad i could enlighten her to blend those two- paper and sewing! we used some wonderful scraps of paper from my studio, and of course, some stamping....with my favorite stamps. if you don't have your need to add these to your studio.
once our cover was collaged, we took the first and last page and glued those down to the cover; folding the edge over onto the those pages. we will finish the inside off by gluing a cover sheet in to hide our edge. my student's notebook is the second photo and mine is this last one. i cannot wait to see what we create this next time.....

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  1. wow Kristin you have been creating some beautiful items


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