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Monday, May 6, 2013

positive influence

painting yesterday lead to quite a few things.....including this trio of paintings with a message that will hopefully speak to someone- certainly had spoke to me yesterday...
 these are on 4x4 deep dish canvas- these are a nice size to warm up on, and if people like your art, but, cannot afford a larger piece- these should definitely be within almost everyone's budget....acrylic paint, overpainted scraps, ink, stamps (have you gotten your set yet?! i seriously love these stamps.....), and some happy words.
 i will be so sad when the book i am using is finally so used i cannot use it any more....but, i have to say, it has been a wealth of inspiration and delicious words on many things for me! happy monday!

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  1. This is "beautifully" stated... a visual masterpiece! :]


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