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Sunday, May 19, 2013

artist to instructor

beginning tomorrow for the next two weeks, i will be teacher/ instructor. there is a high school student who has taken all the art classes at school and wanted to work with a local artist. and bless her heart.....she asked me because she likes my work.
so this artist will be teaching what i know....all those hours spent reading, experimenting, playing, painting.... i will now have to reach to the next level- not just for me to draw upon, but, for me to teach and express to someone else. to share some of the tips and knowledge and some of the insight into how i work, and why.
 part of the instruction will be to also show some vulnerabilities. i don't think there is an artist out there who would say that they were always 100% sure of exactly what they were doing, or how their art was going to be. we all have doubt about something; or question a piece of work; or wonder is that the right whatever....but, that is part of being an artist. it is answering those questions and pressing on. it is OUR expression based on the artist; OUR view of life and experience, and as long as we, as artists are happy with what is created- then life is good. at least my life is good....because i am happy.
if you were instructing (or do instruct....), what is the one thing you would want to make sure and share with a student?

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