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Thursday, September 27, 2012

turning "finds" into charms

in town we have these clothing collection metal bins. someone apparently did not understand the "clothing only" and there was stuff outside of the bin. so when i ran to the grocery and had come to the stop sign and glanced, eye was caught by this sparkling item that had been left there. the junker in me kicked in, and going around the block gave my mind just long enough to think of the potential that this item may hold. so i went back and grabbed it.

i wish the pieces there straight across at the bottom, but, hey, sometimes you need to roll with the punches and not look a gift horse in the mouth! so this is the first mixed media "charm" i made. i am not sure about the book paper, but, i definitely like the diamond napkin and the black and white polka dot washi tape.

yes...definitely like the diamonds....can't wait to make more charms. my plan is to hang the charms with ribbon. what are your thoughts on this charm? let me know what you think! thanks for visiting and comments!

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  1. wow Kristin you have a talent for turning junk into treasure :D


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