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Thursday, September 6, 2012

cannot wait....

one week, seven days from TODAY, i will be heading to the cities for junk bonanza!! and i cannot wait! i went last year and spent the entire day was awesome!! i found metal tags, junk jewelry bags for $1-3, a very cool clock, and awesome table leg.... so to get me in the mood, i took pics of my little vintage water pump. this pic reminds me of a bird. can you see it too?

i love the texture and mix of rust, paint, and a little moss. this piece sits on my front steps during the nice seasons here...spring, summer, and fall.


  1. mmm... love it. Now I just want to grab my brush and start creating :) Thanks for inspiration :*

  2. I see a camel. :P I tried to see the bird, but only see a camel.


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