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Friday, September 21, 2012

wanting my own "occasional" sale

i live in a small town in the midwest of the united states and "occasional" sales have popped up everywhere! i have a few examples: the market in davis , kanaranzi creek, and tattered treasures . i went and visited 2 yesterday afternoon. what i have decided is that i like most of this stuff that i see at these sales (and i probably already own one of whatever it is....) and that i want to host my own occasional sale. these sales consist of main vintage items that can be repurposed but don't have to be; some of the charm is the item's wear and tear. i probably don't have enough stuff to have my own sale though....i would need to find a couple other people with a passion for junk and vintage items to pull of my own occasional sale. here is to finding some other peeps for an occasional sale....i am also hoping to visit another sale on tomorrow. happy friday to you!! are you into occasional sales? do you like junking?

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  1. OMG Kristin, that would be major exciting. I haven't been "junking" in quite sometime, but will soon. Can't even remember last time I hunted for treasures.


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