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Sunday, September 30, 2012

my green thumb

i was all inspired by a read in a magazine to buy bulbs for my outdoor containers- cuz apparently now is the, i stopped at a local little flower shop yesterday. i had stopped one other time and this gal had the coolest little "fairy gardens" with such neat arrays of plants- i just loved them! so that is where i stopped yesterday to grab my bulbs....

she helped me pull plants and arrange my little gardens and then also gave me ideas of other little things to place in the container to make it more interesting and to help with watering so it didn't splash by adding moss to the open areas.

she had such fun interesting plants that i ended up buying enough plants for two gardens....(she was a great help! ;) but, it was fun coming home and putting them together and setting out in my house.

so here is my second fairy garden with help from harmony gardens in jasper, mn. she sadly doesn't have a link i can add but, if you are ever in SW minnesota and in need of indoor or outdoor plants and cool flower pots- stop by her place on the curve of hwy 75- she has the most wonderful spot! oh, yeah- and i did manage to buy my bulbs and get those into my containers as well yesterday....

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  1. I always admire anyone who can make something grow. I would kill even the little beans I tied to grow on wet cotton in school.


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