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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

making stuff....

i have been so inspired with repurposing, that yesterday i worked in my studio almost all day. i loved this vintage pants hangar. i sanded the finish off and then stamped "make" onto it and it can be used to hold art!

this was my second attempt at "making"my keys...i stamped the first one perfectly, but, then managed to break it completely apart trying to bend, this slightly imperfect one will get a my metal letter stamps! although, clearly i have certainly not mastered them.....

this project was a mix of stuff in my studio space. loved the ceramic flowers that i had picked up at a rummage sale. the book came from a school in the area and nicely provided the extra support needed to hang.

this is the match to go with the the first one above. i used a smaller book cover and a scrap of cover (the red piece) from the first one to make this pair. the word tags are part of another project, but, i couldn't find my clips i was looking, that will have to wait.

this is my attempt at the freezer paper transfer technique that i have read about over at the graphics fairy. after 3 failed attempts, the fourth was the charm....or at least sort of. i was hoping for a darker print, so, i am not sure if it is the fabric i was using or if it was my printer?...i am not sure yet. if i get it figured out i will let you know. the fabric was a vintage pillowcase that was past its' potential for that, it will now be a vintage french scrap!

i had also stashed away this picture frame and it looks awesome with the french fabric scrap above.


  1. Kristin, I love the hanger. It looks so cool.

  2. Hi Kristin !
    I tried to leave a blog post comment on your gorgeous artwork on your most current blog post and it didn't work. I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE it.
    Many hugs!! PS. Love this one too !!
    Lynne xx


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