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Sunday, October 21, 2012

homemade gift card sleeve

i had seen these cute gift card sleeves with instructions here at my so called crafty life. so i dug out my stash of vintage newsprint and some hankies. and cut them into 3" x 4" rectangles. she had used colorful vintage papers and i do not have very much of that, so, i used what i had on hand.

i found the ironable vinyl at hobby lobby in the sewing section. i did have to ask because i was not finding this product and actually had even brought the "bolt" of vinyl to the girl and then asked if there was such a thing as ironable; to which she replied "yes" right over there.....

i cut my vinyl into rectangles to match up with my paper and hankies. then you peel the vinyl from the backing and apply to your paper or fabric. (there are instructions on the back of the packaging as well.) if you don't like how it went on, you are easily able to lift and move the vinyl before ironing. when you are ready,make sure to put the backing down onto your rectangle before ironing.

now you should be ready to iron- no steam needed and it really only takes about 8-10 seconds and flip over to do a quick heat on the other side....and viola! now you are ready to sew together.
this was my very first would think i would figure out not to use my coolest vintage paper on the first run, but,....i did. my next batch is a little bit better matched up at the top, but, overall these were quick and really easy to make.i also used a circle punch to punch the "quick grab"area after the paper had the vinyl on it. the ironable vinyl is kind of expensive at $10 a roll, but, with this small size, you should be able to make a ton of these. i was thinking with the holidays coming up, these would be super cool to use instead of the traditional paper sleeves and people should be able to use them for a while because the vinyl should be a bit more durable.


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