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Saturday, October 6, 2012

swap meet and auction day

this morning my little mind kicked in early with the excitement that it was finally saturday and that there was a car swap meet AND an auction. i was hoping to get to both, and that is how my day worked out. first booth at the swap meet was looking great with a few scores. one of which is this vintage movie camera. oh, and its' box behind it....

i did a little "bundling" and put this awesome vintage camera with the movie camera above and drove a hard bargain with the man explaining that i was one of very few women at the swap meet this morning (it was 34 degree and windy this morning, so only the hard cores were out....) looking for this kind of stuff- he agreed and gave me the deal. :)

i rounded out the kodak-package today with this cool film tin....i will have to figure out something cool to do with it.

i found this cute little red-orange will look nice on display with its' pop of color and great patina.

we then went to the auction. i managed to score some vintage fabric, a cool old-school tin ABC child board, some awesome wooden tools along with a wooden plane- that just needs to be cleaned up....cannot wait to see it then. and...these metal squares! i got five of them...i am planning on keeping one and maybe selling the other four. i also got to spend the day with my mom. she bared the cold and stuck it out at the auction with me (thanks mom!) and then, we came home drank coffee and did come crafting- how perfect was this day?!

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