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Friday, October 26, 2012

and tonight, i shall paint (in my best transylvania accent)

tonight, my best friend who owns HGS gallery here in town is hosting a "things that go bump in the night" painting show. she asked 6 local artists to a "paint off." we have a set amount of time for painting and at the end of the evening, our creations set to the theme, will be in a silent auction. the money we raise tonight will be donated to our local fine arts committee who are working on a community project.

i normally do not paint in a set amount of time, so although, i will be painting in acrylics, (my medium of choice), the time factor has been making me nervous. above, is a transfer off a vintage pic that i plan on using. getting the gel medium onto the copy and allowing time for drying in between layers takes time...time i did not want to lose tonight- so i prepped this last weekend.

this is a portion of my storyline....i was doing a trial run to see what i wanted to write my story in...pencil, versus ink, or sharpie....i'm thinking a combo of pencil (which would be my choice) and ink. oh, and we have to wear costumes!! that was the other kicker for tonight...i am looking forward to tonight just to see what we all will create. there will be some very talented artist there tonight. i will try to get pics of the creations to share with you. wish me luck....

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