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Sunday, October 7, 2012


yesterday i told you that my mom and i had hung out and crafted....well, it was really only one project that we actually worked on- and that was re-purposing a mens' tie into a head band.  remember when i bought that adorable head band made from a men's tie at junk bonanza? we both thought it would be simple enough, as we are both experienced at sewing. here are the labels we saved off our ties from yesterday's project.

here are our finished products.... i have two more to make. and let me tell you what- this was not as easy as we first assumed! neither of us really had a good idea of how to make the rosettes, so we looked that up first here. there does seem to be a knack to wrapping and hot glueing.... i was happiest with my second rosette there in the middle- although, my mom (god bless her....) told me that all the rosettes looked great. once we were done with making  the flowers, we did hand stitch them back onto the ties.

the in-between parts consisted of cutting off a portion of the tie to use to make rosette. it was interesting, the more expensive the tie- those were hand stitched, and apparently i picked a couple of cheap brands as well, and my cheapies are machine is the pile of left-overs-the inside of the ties and a lining. the other piece we struggled with was how to finish the end of the tie that we had cut off. our sample of course had done a nice job of making it look how it was supposed to look with a restored point; our however....we did mange to get one to look similar to a point, and decided that it was too much of a hassle and finished the other two with a straight edge.


  1. first of, I really, really, really like the new blog layout. It looks amazing. Second, those head bands are so cute. You sure are creating some amazing crafts.

  2. Hi Kristin, yes the little bird guy is a home made stamp. very addictive craft...


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