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Sunday, September 23, 2012

signs of my favorite season....fall

in our backyard, i am finally seeing signs that fall really is coming. our trees are barely turning except for one branch on one of our maples. i  love the red stem and the warm yellow reds of this leaf especially with the contrast of the concrete.

as i looked at the rest of the tree still green and trying desperately to stay that color, the one branch sticking out, working hard at changing colors is easy to spot. i can't help but think that sometimes you  need to be the different one. the one ready for change, just a bit ahead of the curve. my mind is spinning with ideas and "wants" for an occasional sale here in my small town.

i also found one apple i missed on the tree...and noticed the delicate web at the stem. the fragile weaving to allow it to even happen....hoping that all of my pieces may come together as well to weave this "sale" web.

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