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Friday, September 14, 2012

treasures from junk bonanza! not pay attention to my creepy look...i was trying to instruct our youngest son on how to use my camera; but, it is the best pic of my new hair tie. literally- this gal at junk bonanza yesterday handmade the cutest hair ties, out of recycled mens' ties. she also made hats out them that were super cute. yesterday, i saw the most sewing forms i have ever seen in one spot, and ALL were already sold.

i managed to haggle a bit and asked for a few dollars off...and got it! yeah!

especially when i realized it was for coffee- jeez, it was almost a given that i would want this. i did an "american pickers" trick and packaged this tin with the accounts book a few pics below and got those dollars off.

i loved this gauge and it was super cheap.

here is my new accounts receivable book that will be awesome altered! i cannot wait to get started on this.

this was my first purchase of the day. go figure- a clock. i tried several times to get you a good look, but, the picture is a steamboat docked waiting for people to load; which i thought was very unusual. i am not sure i have ever seen a clock similar to this. have you? let me know if you have or maybe there are other backgrounds?

had to pick up some religious pieces to put into my jewelry. there were quite a few booths that had this type of stuff- some more expensive than others....i needed to do some looking around first before purchasing; but, scored here.

this booth was pretty cool and i loved the way this gal packaged and displayed her stuff. i also managed to score an optical piece in my one grab bag.

i scored some some stamped canvas pieces and hope to sew these into something else cool.

i got a variety of paper stuff and old pics from this booth. the pic is so darn funny! the gal who assisted me laughed out loud when she saw the pic and was counting up all my findings yesterday. i had a great time yesterday- if you live in minnesota and are close, and love junk...better go! it was packed there in the morning, and my motto was the path of least resistance- if the booth was packed i avoided and kept moving. i did go back later and managed to get through those booths that i had missed early on in the afternoon. i wore my overall bibs yesterday, and if i had a quarter for every time someone told my how awesome my bibs were- i would have come  how a few dollars richer!

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  1. I have to laugh about the accounts receivable ledger book because my husband still uses those :)


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