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Sunday, September 16, 2012

collaging/ art journal- feeling creative

i was on a roll yesterday afternoon/ evening and was grabbing and gluing paper tidbits off my counter as fast as my eye was spying them....this is the start of one of my new art journals that i purchased from Kasia over at czekoczyna. she made this amazing journal with eclectic papers for me. she makes very inspiring pages!

i was loving the vintage hangar paper- "lord baltimore" don't see those much any more; or maybe it's because i don't use the dry cleaners much. i am a wash n go girl...maybe i shouldn't be if they still give you those cool papered hangars.

i am still very much in love with my stencils...the diamond shape, and i had picked up the circles- which i also love! the other side of that page is a conversation with our daughter- it was very funny. she likes to add things in the middle of a conversation that mean absolutely nothing- like "pink larry bananas." i love her carefree whimsy that she still has at age 15 by some grace of the good Lord.

i love the little blue edge of paper off to the left. it was a painting that i had cut up and i couldn't bear to throw away any scrap from the painting away (silly,i know)...the vintage pic of the ladies was screaming for some hats, which of course must mean that they are important- thus the queens. everyone wants to be a queen for a day. the back ground falls onto the next pages which are not finished, but, i wanted to show this page anyway- the queens were making me laugh.

this is beginning collage in my other art journal. i was loving the vintage "work" papers that were lying around in my studio and had to put them to good use. i can't hardly throw away any vintage paper- every scrap must be used for something. i think this page needs some color now that i see it in a pic, but, has a good base.

here is a sneak peak at my new painting. my best friend and i scored these wooden board things, and i of course took a pile. i left some at her studio space and only brought home a small stack. i did confess to my husband when he took them out of the back of my truck that i had another pile and he offered "of course you do sweetie." 22 years....he knows everything. :)


  1. wow, all of the pages are so beautiful. Looks so messy and inspiring - love it :)) I feel so honoured that you working in my art-journal. And I can't wait to see the whole painting.


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