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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

cards {collage}

this past weekend i went to my mom's studio and made cards with her and a friend. this was a bit off of my usual card making- i normally gesso and select my first color of acrylic paint.....this however was no gesso.

this was select your paper. now when i say paper- don't think this was a small conservative stack of collage papers; no, no (sorry mom)... this was a huge box full of papers- napkins, gelli- printed deli paper, painted paper scraps, painted yupo, Japanese paper, magazines and just plain cardstock.

happy wednesday.


  1. omg....THESE are my kinda cards! LOVE these! So lucky you have your mom!

  2. Love your card creations Kristin! How wonderful to have an artsy mom and one with an abundance of PAPER!!


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