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Monday, February 29, 2016

29: studio list {alteredstatesstudio}

  1. gesso'd credit cards. you can always tell my favorite one as the gesso is thick 
  2. t-shirt and cotton scraps as painting rags; wiping of paint brushes, catching paint runs and drips
  3. stabilo pencils of any color; the way these bloom with water
  4. charcoal; dry or wet and used to add grey scale and shadows
  5. painting with my fingers
  6. gold ink in drips and drops on anything
  7. india ink; with chopsticks for thick and thin lines
  8. pencils words; of songs, poem, thoughts- have you written on it?
  9. rectangular paper pad underneath work to catch everything; magical paper. if you don't have one, you should
  10. music; a must; constant in the studio on my almost old school ipod- listen to what moves you
  11. viva papertowels; rolls, and rolls, the only papertowel to use
  12. journals; in different shapes and sizes with all sorts of paper weight
  13. vintage cosmetic cases; love them and that strange smell that they all have. my smallest one is my favorite, but the stack makes me happy
  14. ephemera of any sort
  15. stacks of books, magazines for inspiration and education
  16. sewing machine; ready at a moments notice
  17. fabric scraps down to a ridiculously small size because you never know if you just need a little bit
  18. paint drips on the uneven concrete floor
  19. coffee tin full of used teabags; printing
  20. my kid's art on the walls make me smile; they are no longer small 
  21. art from friends and other admired artists on the walls; trades, purchases
  22. old books, especially dictionaries; the paper is wonderful
  23. bingo cards, napkins, sewing patterns
  24. cigar boxes full of ribbon and lace, tags, and trim
  25. gelli plates with leftover paint goodness; print 
  26. family pictures
  27. stamps; downsized, but, still full
  28. hi flow acrylics, lined up for a quick hands grab
  29. tins full of thread; almost any color...some old, some new

truly a magical space....

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