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Monday, February 8, 2016

29 faces {february 2016}

i started the 29 faces for february 2016. a bit behind, but, working on getting caught up. i did several faces yesterday and i could feel the face "dust" being blown out of the corners. my first one was definitely a warm up; and as i worked through the second one....i could feel the muse come to life.

this first one was not maybe one of my favorites- although, part of her i this hair line area.

the second one.......this journal is a favorite because of what it holds, but it has made art journaling a bit complicated because it probably was never meant to be an art journal; so the page are thin and when damp- tend to tear easily. and her lips were one of those areas.....i apparently had worked that area too much- which lead to me collaging in a vintage envelop portion...which i now love.

again....loving portions of her.......these are a few favorites....

happy monday.

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  1. So in awe of your faces! I shy away from them because that's what we do when things are out of our comfort zone! Thanks for the inspiration here, I am going to fix that this year!!!


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