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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

she was magical {29faces}

there is something magical about this strange girl. i had posted her the other day on my instagram with the caption "she would never be perfect but she would be loved"; and for me.....that is so true.

i love the collaged paper i put down and words softly peeking through her hand. the child-like smear of red around her mouth. the watercolored bow on her head and how the color leaked out of the bow space; and the fact that it is acrylic paint and not watercolor at all. i love the polka dot edge of her face from the stencil ink that was down on the paper before i started and then leeched through the gesso. and the diffuse golden yellow of her hair. and her nearly perfect nose. and the far from perfect hand.

do you have a favorite part?

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