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Thursday, February 4, 2016


unpacking my box and bags from Seattle and settling back into my own studio space.......

and i have to be honest.....i am in love with this fat Lyra graphite pencil that i bought to take Katie's class. it writes so smooth and goes down nicely and then a spritz of water, and the graphite pops to life and the black runs and will move a bit.

valentine's are due in a swap very soon- so i wasted no time..... the valentine's were supposed to be on playing cards and since i have cleaned and reorganized my studio- do you think i can find my whole box of playing cards?!!! of course not.

so i improvised and used a bingo card because it was about the same thickness and just cut it down to size.

i cut and then gesso'd; and once dry- i glued on collage before adding paint and ink and working some valentine magic.....

i received an order for valentines after posting to will working to fill that order this weekend.

happy thursday!


  1. Nice! Where did you get the pencils? Thanks.

  2. Love these. I wondered what your favorite inks are?

    1. Hi Hope! My favorite inks are by far the Dylusions spray inks. They can be a bit tricky but, love the colors! and the other thing I used that sometimes may resemble ink would be hi-flow acrylic paints. That is what i used on these valentines. :)


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