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Monday, February 1, 2016

kindred spirits {layered movement- Katie Kendrick}

when i posted on friday here, i really only showed my work through saturday. on sunday we spent a bit more time telling our stories. it was such a bonding experience to hear everyone's stories:

  • experienced painter, 
  • just beginning, 
  • needing personal time and feeling very guilty about there, 
  • working through personal healing,
  • ailing parents; time away

we were all from different places and in different stages in life, but, all had come on this journey with a story. i met extraordinary people and am very thankful i was able to take the class.

my sunday painting was to embrace this group and to capture our similar spirits. here was my progress- making the backgrounds....

finding the kindred spirits on these wooden panels...(and if i am being honest....i worked these poor faces multiple times- poor Betty was probably about ready to ship me off.....thank you for sharing supplies)

i really like these ladies- each similar, but with their own story in that shared space.

Katie was originally from the midwest, and even though i don't think i have an accent....apparently i do. Katie and i shared that accent and how we said certain things. we laughed about it...and her laugh- so infectious! loved it- full-bodied goodness with a tinge of mischief!

and Lory! thank you for organizing the class and all of help with my mailed supplies....

missing my time there...loved the spirit of the city and my class. added music to my playlist to bring me back to that studiotime and Katie- i will forever think of you, Katie and my time in seattle when i hear those songs. 

my family was so kind- i hope to see them and their fur babies (their dogs were so sweet!) very soon. this heart shaped rock was on the dresser in my bedroom.....loved it all.


  1. Awe, that is beautiful Kristin! It was a pleasure to paint next to you and to share what ever I had with you! You are a gracious, kind soul. Hugs, Betty

  2. dear kristin,
    you truly are a kindred spirit, I'm so happy we shared this creative weekend. xox


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