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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


had made several rolodex cards, but, yesterday deserved only the grumpy girl.....

here are the other rolodex cards i made. the image below is from my vintage sears catalog; and so darn cute. i used a portion of an old hanger paper from a launder mat.

i love her head poking up above the card. i did cut her out and add some re-enforcement on the back to support her so i wouldn't have to worry about her getting folded back.

for the re-enforcement i used a scrap of a bingo card. it was a nice weight without being too thick. i did add that wedge of bingo card across the transition between rolodex and her head.

for the one below- i actually cut out this card out of a vintage mailer card. it is hard to tell as then i proceeded to cover almost the whole thing....oh well. most of the papers are from the 1970's.

are you on instagram? i recently found ronniecay. so love her!! this drawing was inspired by one of her recent posts from her sketchbook.

i loved the microbeads on this one. can you tell i was into things sticking up above the cards?

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