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Friday, March 18, 2016

tgif #founds

this page was inspired by the found objects i had been collecting. i was thinking one of the magazines had been looking for something with found objects, and now- i cannot remember where i saw that. (typical.....) anyone know?

all of the pieces on this journal page were found objects including that red round circle. the circle has a tyvec, plastic feel. i had just found the corn husk on a recent walk. lower on the husk has a grey, black (probably mold?) decomposition quality to it. i found the stick and picked the bark off of it. i liked the clean, smooth look and feel. and i love the extremely rusty washer. considering how to "wash" some of the rust onto my paper. does anyone know how to do that? i already tried water and it did not do a thing.

i love the composition with my found objects.



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