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Monday, March 21, 2016

i had worked on these 12"x 36" canvas panels- painting and creating the background and then, had set them aside. i feel like a do a good job of creating the background and then get stuck on how to finish the painting. what is my focus? where am i going with this?!

i had set these aside like i said, and then, found Nicholas Wilton. his first video lesson covered design and was perfect timing for me.

with his videos he is covering topics that he has learned to be important after painting for 20 years. he is a professional artist and had narrowed the topics down to: design, value, color, risk, texture, and soul. his second video is value- if you are interested, you can click on the word to watch.

after listening to this video, i felt more confident on where i needed to head with this painting and feel more comfortable with the progress.

i need to finish the edges- that is the hint of white showing through the lime rectangle- as this is two panels painted as a pair and meant to be hung together.

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  1. awesome...watched his video and it is so good..need to watch the 2nd one. Kristin your work is so cool. :)


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