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Thursday, March 10, 2016

#artjournal #facefull

i purchased the journal as a package deal that came with two journals at Barnes and Noble. and if i am speaking honestly, these journals were probably meant for writing. notes, quotes, thoughts, dreams.....not for painting.

so using this for art has been somewhat challenging as the paper is thin. nice, actually very nice, but, thin, i paint wet and tend to be fairly abusive to any surface i am working on; so on more than one occasion, i ripped through the paper in this journal either with my pencil or simply by working my paint. sometimes working through unexpected and inherent problems can be interesting and add a twist to the work.

as i continued to work in this journal- i became wiser with collage placement and tended to use much more by the end of the journal. usual spots for my collage paper would be through the eyes or mouth. and i did like the neck area and sometimes used masking tape for the sides of the head.

these wise eyes know as they have seen the rest of this journal. my goal was to fill this entire journal with faces. i do have one more page to go; so hang in there with more face and then this journal will be full.

happy thursday.

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