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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

to be or not to be {wooden cradles}

isn't this always the question?.... i had collaged on sewing pattern paper and had been moved to do something with orange and pink and i love the simplicity of these pieces.....however, part of me wants to keep working- paint more, glue more, do i have been letting these sit to fuller determine if i can just let them be.

here are all 5 cradles....

i like them all individually, up close and then when i see all of them like this above...makes me want to paint a ton be or not to be? that is my question.


  1. could only work more on a few? what kind of wood and size are these?

    1. Good morning Jane! The panel are wooden cradles that are sold by Dick Blick's or Cheap Joes and are an 8" x 8". Thanks so much for the feedback!

  2. you are so welcome - Thanks for the wonderful inspiration you share :)


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