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Friday, April 1, 2016

a real fight {postcard}

i wasn't sure if it was the lack of studio time, or if my muse had just completely left me, but i was recently in a postcard swap and i was thinking- this should be easy..... (not!)

this postcard fought me tooth and nail the whole way. my initial concept seemed easy enough- i was using a used file folder cut down to size. i used both the front and back to provide a little more stability and thickness then simply taped the edges together and gesso'd the front, but, this is where the card took a turn for the worse....

i had started with collage and originally had been working in a girl/ princess into the piece and had sewn on wings and she had a crown with jewels.

the jewels didn't last long and i began to paint over the face. and paint over the face....and paint over the face- yes, by this time the face and the rest of her were a disaster....the the small triangle just above the number strip was part of her "dress." but, you know what....if you add enough paint and layers of paper, tape and fabric- you can paint over anything; and sprinkle enough gold ink on anything....and somehow it becomes magical.

and to be honest.....i stitched this postcard almost to death. but, the best part came when i switched from the grey thread to the magenta thread- that really popped on the postcard and pulled it together.

i was happy with what i ended up with....but, let me tell you.....this a fight.

happy friday!


  1. It's never done until it's done is it. Even when we want it to be. I really like the piece though...and you are right, that magenta, a winner! xox

  2. .... and the fight was sure worth it! LOVE your signature style <3


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