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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1x2 smalls

still working on "smalls." this time it is 1" x 2" rectangles. decided to go back to my roots and go with collage for these guys. my 3x3 square i had done last week was a disaster.....

i used ephemera paper scraps on my desk area.

and some paper that had been scraped off of other projects- like this absolutely wonderful purple piece.



  1. I really like your smalls, they are so appealing to me. I've not tried rectangles...inches & twinchies only. 1x2 sounds & looks great!

    1. Good morning Lenna! Thanks for the comment on my 1x2 smalls post. I did really like the rectangle shape to work with- almost better than the square. :) Happy Friday!


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