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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

today's frustration....

i am only techy enough to be dangerous....seriously. so last week there had been a few comments left and i so wanted to be able to reply- right?....

so i googled how to enable the ability to reply and got that added almost too easily. (i should have known better- cuz i was so proud of myself.....silly girl....)

but, when i did that i apparently deleted all of my "share" buttons on the end of the posts- like FB, twitter, google +, etc....and now, seriously- i can't seem to get the share buttons added back......

if you have an easy to read article to get these share buttons added back into the bottom footnote of posts- i would be ever grateful!


  1. Yikes?!? I would just love to help out, but I'm a total loser with all this technical blog stuff. If I have time in the upcoming days I'll try to check into it and let you know.
    ♥ Michelle
    P.S. I would love for you to hop on over to my blog... I'd just love to have you as a follower :-) ♥

    1. found you!!! and followed away! :) thanks for sharing your blog Michelle! Your blog looked great and I see you are just outside of Munich- my husband is headed there this weekend for a few days...wish i were coming so we could meet.

    2. Oh wow, really... he's travelling to Germany... Europe! You must come with him next time!!!! That would be super exciting to meet you!!!! I'm not far from Munich (Europe has other dimensions than the States). It would be fun to meet you in Munich. Have you ever been there before?!
      Wishing you a lovely weekend
      ♥ Michelle

    3. Neither of us has ever been to Germany- so definitely- if he goes again, I will come along and let you know!! That would be so awesome to meet you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! xo- Kristin

    4. Yes, please do!! Munich is a great place. It would be awesome to meet ♥ LOL


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