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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#printmakingunleashed {a mixed media paper towel}

i had saved a paper towel that had ended up with a cool pattern on it to start- simply setting it aside to see if some other creative idea would come along.....

low and behold, one of the print making unleashed challenges inspired me to use that paper towel to create a mixed media flower....i had used the paper towel to soak up spray ink off of an alphabet stencil. i love the lime green diamonds that were imprinted into the paper towel.

you catch a glimpse of the stem and leaves- those i used book paper and a strip of paper from a gelli plate print.

to tie the flower all together i stitched on the paper towel- sewing first the flower petals and later filling the petals in with a little ink. the center of the flower is watercolor/ ink scrap.

i ordered my book last week and expect a delivery sometime this week....cannot wait!!

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