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Thursday, July 3, 2014


have you seen Traci Baustica  #printmakingunleashed 31 day challenge? playing along?.....

i decided to give this a try- always love her work and this just sounded so fun.

the first day you were supposed to print with found objects. i collected a nice little eclectic pile of stuff only to discover the stuff i collected maybe was not the best pile for actually printing.....felt a little like an epic failure- but, a fun one at that. here is day one: my cool little pile...

i did use my gelli plate for the initial printing using the little wooden pieces in the left hand corner, the red string and the gauze with the first print and working from there.

i was not sure how to play.....and not totally sold on what i made....but, what the heck?! i did get to play for a bit outside of my apparent comfort zone- so it is all good.

day 2 brought a bit more confidence in my work; however, again i was not sure what i was doing....the only i did know- i again, was having a good time. i had found this super cool leaf with a very long stem and knew i wanted to use that for day 2's challenge.

again, i started with my small gelli plate starting with golden cobalt teal and using a homemade circle stencil to feature my leaf. the next layer was the green gold and my leaf. my top layer was the leaf itself and to print that- i brayered on the fluorescent magenta onto the actual leaf itself and then laid it on my art journal page. i then used a sheet of paper and my brayer to print onto the paper.

i cannot wait for today's challenge. i have wanted to try this challenge of making a hot glue stencil, and just have not made time yet...but, today is the day. so stop back to see how this next challenge goes.

oh- and if you are playing along- let me know so i can see what others are making!! happy thursday!

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  1. I always love my visits to your blog. Always so colorful, and very inspiring. I love it here.


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