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Monday, July 7, 2014

#printmakingunleashed days....

i have been playing, or printing along with the print making unleashed 31 day challenge.

the hot glue stencils were fun once i figured out what i was supposed to put the glue on....i first tried wax paper- do NOT do stuck and i was picking wax paper off of my new stencils.

i asked what to put the glue on and parchment paper is the answer. MUCH better! your hot glue stencils will almost pop off and be ready to use.

you can also write words on your parchment paper and then, trace over with the hot be brave. i used my gelli plate to add some additional texture to the top.

i have to say that this print below if my favorite one thus was a multiple print off of gelli plate with several colors and a ghost image that is the blue circle and the top layer of white was a print off my gelli plate with burlap and a stencil. the bottom layers were bright and almost overwhelming and the white really tames this down. love the texture....

 the next challenge was carved know how i hate those....wrong! love carving stamps!! so i went to town the night before and carved up several new stamps to use.

you can also see my cardboard stencils in the background. i tried stamping with those and that did not work the best; but i did discover that they are fun to spray around and at angles with inks.

i had a page in my art journal that had several layers of colors and prints- so i added another couple of layers and one of my new stamps to finish this page. you can see my homemade stamp on the edge there.

if you are not playing along you are missing some great fun and a great book! ordering my book.....

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  1. Kristin..LOVE seeing your colorful artwork! Thanks for sharing in the Printmaking Unleashed virtual book party ~Traci


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