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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

onto canvas {to listen}

i was feeling so inspired on sunday in my studio with my art journal progress that i decided to move back to canvas.

i had started a painting on a 24"x 30" canvas quite some time ago as i sometimes do. i like to get paint onto the canvas so it is not white. white can be so overwhelming sometimes especially if your creative mojo has left....white can be crushing....have you been there?

i had been on such a roll with my foam stamps on paper, i decided to use those on my canvas as well as shown below.

some of my style is built up the layers and then, destroy and tear some of the layers back down to reveal whatever was underneath. i so like it when colors peek through in one point however during this painting, my mojo left. yep....mojo gone.....walked away....leaving me to walk away as well.

i let it sit for a bit and came back later only to discover that i need to be reminded that i too, "have to listen." sometimes that creative voice is whispering to you and you need to listen carefully; to not be afraid to walk away, but, come back when you have heard that soft whisper calling to you....

to put that paint down, and then scratch it write those words and mist the words to blot some of the words away.....and listen.


  1. Good stuff.......sometimes it's all it takes! Thanks for the reminder! I love the painting also!!!

  2. it looks gorgeous, all those layers!

  3. Beautiful words Kristin! I sooo adore all of your paintings and this one above is no exception. Even if I can see only small details of it I can surely say that I would love it. But I can also understand that sometimes, even if we really want to create something, we are not very happy about the effect. And we need to accept that. I learned that few month ago, but it's still not easy.


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