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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

one little word....evoke

the one little word for the month of july was evoke. i had initially started my painting working with some of my favorite colors....but, this little snippet was about all that i liked on this page.

my wheels kept working and i have been playing along with Traci Bautista's #printmakingunleashed and one of the days i made hot glue stencils. i loved how i could make a word and used this to write evoke.

i used a stiff bristled brush to paint around my letters to create this.....there were many (many....) colors on the bottom, but, i didn't feel like i was able to pull it together. i used the white to really tame the colors back and the white provided some unity to the overall painting. i wanted to sharpen the edges of my word, so i did use a stabilo pencil to give a bit of definition.

as i worked through my painting, the other thing that was floating through my mind were the feelings that were being evoked as i worked.

some of that day, i felt lost....i seemed to have lost some of my creative mojo. so when seeking words to put with can almost hear my story of this piece....

at the end however, i had felt like i had found myself. i loved how there were some ghost images of the underneath painting peeking through the white.

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